A Different Approach

So often our children get into the doldrums. We look for ‘professional’ help that often leads to minimizing the problem for a period of time. If the situation continues they try more of the same, without regard to your pocket or to solving the real problem. This is common in the medical profession and is a good example of what Senge (The 5th Discipline) refers to as a ‘symptomatic’ solution. Our world is filed with symptomatic solutions as it offers quick easy results and reduces the symptoms, hence the term. But at what cost?

As in ‘MEganize’, I refer to micro situations to establish the concept or principle at a personal level. What we often fail to do is extrapolate these into a macro level to form the necessary conclusions. So let me start with a personal experience…

My daughter, now 12, had a terrible summer vacation. She was feeling low and depressed and spent most of her time in her room. After a day at the water park she became ill. She came out in hives and was feverish. We took her to the local ER where she was put on a drip and tested. She immediately perked up while on the drip and we noticed that her teeth, normally quite discolored, were now almost brilliantly white. I mentioned it to the doctor who made some sardonic remark. To cut a long story short, they thought she might have a UTI so she was put on antibiotics and sent home. Two days later we had to take her back as her symptoms had reappeared. I stressed that I felt it was Candidiasis (Candida Albicans) but the two attending doctors ruled that out. Nevertheless less she was taken off the antibiotics, and after the drip, was sent home. We then decided to put her on the Candida diet, which involves probiotics, no sugar of any form, and cranberry juice. She got better quickly. My instinct had been rewarded and I felt that this was evidence enough of her condition. However after a few weeks she went back onto a normal diet, still taking probiotics and cranberry juice. Again she came out in hives. This time I tried a different approach to isolate the problem. She stopped all gluten (which was part of the original Candida diet), but not the sugars. Her skin cleared up and her mood changed radically. She became her happy, joking, energetic self. Even the rough, slightly red skin on her arms was gone, and her teeth are whiter. She is a different child. She is gluten intolerant. We hope that we found the fundamental problem!

Apparently 1 in 100 people are gluten intolerant in the US. Many also think they suffer from Candidiasis. The symptoms are similar, as are the treatments. My belief is that these illnesses are based on the high diet content of refined glutens and HFCS in our common diet. They overload the liver and cause similar coping mechanisms and symptoms. As with other health problems in our family, I have found that a balanced diet has offered cures where the medical profession has been flawed. This then is part of a fundamental solution.

I have had a number of experiences similar to this and have mentioned them in ‘MEganize’. It however does address a critical issue that we face: how many symptomatic problems are we perpetuating with drugs or symptomatic solutions over an extended period? More importantly why isn’t the ’science’ that our revered doctors profess to be the foundation of it all, finding these fundamental diagnoses? The system is flawed, and we need to be aware of it. Science, as applied by many medical professionals, may work in a ‘hard’, symptomatic context, but fails in the more subtle issues, mentioned below, that are now prevalent.

The problem is that the micro extends into the macro environment. Our problems at home are not just our own. You can be sure that these same issues are being faced by many others. As herd animals, we all behave similarly in similar situations. Our similar cultures develop in parallel even though we do not meet in person, but because we are in the same macro environment with similar stimuli. We respond to stress the same way, we make similar decisions based on being placed in the same circumstances. This is one of the reasons we do not need such a huge government structure that takes so long to come to any agreement, if any. A few good people will make the ‘right’ decisions far more effectively.

The reason for this blog is to help you to see the difference between symptomatic solutions and a fundamental solution. Our society is plagued with increasing levels of poor academic performance, depression, anxiety and ADHD, obesity, diabetes, drug prescription and drug abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse, suicide and even divorce. Of course the more ‘the system’ adopts a solution the more we see it as the logical choice. However, remember the Classic Asch test where around 75% of those subject to the experiment decided to go with the more popular (but wrong) answer, despite the fact that their choice was obviously incorrect. Our children are at risk. Can you see it?

We have to challenge mediocrity, we have to continue to expect excellence and freedom of choice. This is why our country has become great, but is now faltering. The infusion of a ‘control’ environment at almost every level through regulation and centralized control structures is slowly diminishing our ability to challenge incompetence and failure. We are failing on so many levels as a society. It is primarily as a result of our ‘control’ structures and the symptomatic solutions they produce, which are doomed to fail.

Is this the environment you want for your children? Are you looking for a ‘fundamental’ solution in your family? Read ‘MEganize’. Make a change for life.

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