Meganize Book

The MEganize Book


Who Has MEganize Been Written For…


Not only has the US fallen behind in international academic comparatives, but we are losing jobs to other countries as well. We outsource our production and import skills. How does this relate to our education and what can you do to help your child get ahead of the global pack? The answer? MEganize! Read it, then do it.


Today we commonly face many educational and social problems that can cripple your children’s lives and possibly your family as well. You have to be aware of what these are and how you can prepare your child to avoid these pitfalls that could ruin their lives. Be prepared! Read ‘MEganize.’

Our country:

It seems that we have all lost confidence in our leaders. So many of their decisions backfire and impact us negatively. What is going wrong? Have we gone off the track? How do we fix this for good? If you want the answers, read ‘MEganize!’

What Will MEganize Teach You…

5 things to avoid:

  • Learning for the sake of learning
  • Trying to take on too much, too many subjects in the hope that this will propel success.
  • Trying to emulate existing curricula by doing government controlled on-line programs
  • Being too easy on taking ownership and excellence
  • Applying a negative culture

5 things to promote:

  • Depth in real skills, both hard and soft
  • Ability to pass exams, but not spending most of your time working towards it
  • Use of productivity tools that empower
  • Work according to their best style
  • Discipline in a strong work ethic and values

5 tips to effective ‘teaching:

  • Don’t talk too much
  • Apply the Four Teaching Styles Progression
  • Coach! more empathy, less sympathy
  • Be clear on providing a positive structure that facilitates achievement
  • Set goals with the student, aligned to their strengths and best subject options.