The MEganize Integrated Learning Program


“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” (I.Estrada)

The MEganize Integrated Program breaks away from the 160 year old factory-oriented approach (that has remained virtually unchanged) to develop core functions using the best, proven principles and processes.

The MEganize Integrated Learning Program

The MEganize Integrated Learning Program breaks the learning code, incorporating the new learning paradigms that are fundamental to a solution to our education problems. This is accomplished through simple leveraged strategic changes:

  • Use ‘Power Hour’ to build MEganized brain power or core capability (details included)
  • Focus on 3×3 Balanced Skills Matrix to ensure full skills competency (details included)
  • Optimize Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Overcome inherent weaknesses to ensure strong values and people skills
  • Optimize learning structure that eliminates major blocks to learning, allowing for ‘acceleration’ to occur. Find out how to ‘accelerate’ your child’s learning!
  • Promote individual motivation and ownership for learning is true empowerment
  • Increase learning productivity and organization. Use the same process and tools throughout to provide a platform for minimal change and developing a strong knowledge-base

Give your child the best start possible using this scientifically proven, principle-based approach. Empower your child with skills for life, especially ‘how’ to best learn and develop their brain power.

This integrated approach, corroborated over a wide field of disciplines, has never been done before. Find out more with this amazing introductory offer, including a copy of MEganize the book. Choose it, then use it!     Suitable for ages 2-12, MEganize your child now.

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