The Great Deception

The lowest poll rate in the Obama’s second-term election showed a total frustration with our government. For decades we have placed our trust in our form of government, hoping that either the Republicans or the Democrats would make a difference, but increasingly we witness a lack of common sense and leadership. What is critical to understand is that the structure drives the culture. It is the structure of our decision-making bodies that has to change.

However, we now have a more pressing predicament.

Johannesburg 1975: A report by the McAlvany Institute (MIA) stated that South Africa was in the advanced stages of a communist overthrow. At the time no one in SA believed it. The world didn’t see it. The media showed it as a racist government being overthrown in the name of ‘democracy’. Facts now show all too well the nature of the beast. South Africa is now on the same slope as the other southern African countries. There is an ongoing silent ‘purge’ where thousands of whites are being brutally murdered and yet there is no mention of it internationally. Despite the wickedness of these ‘post-Colonial’ African rulers and the poverty and suffering they have brought on their people throughout Southern Africa, they still don’t get it. It’s not about black or white, colonialist or otherwise. It is a communist revolution that was inspired and fuelled by Russia. Mandela was a Russian trained communist as were many of his ANC accomplices. Southern Africa is now firmly communist and China is about to reap the mineral and strategic benefits of Africa. The big question: “What about the promises to the people?” Implied answer: ”What promises?!”

So here we are, none the wiser, sitting in America, and again we are being fooled as to what is really happening, sadly orchestrated by our leaders. There are many parallels to be drawn with South Africa’s demise. As ‘the plan’ is implemented over many years, we don’t make the connections, and the media distracts us from the reality. These are the steps being used to reduce our country to communism, a one party totalitarian state, now in its final phase.

Knowingly or unknowingly, these are strategic areas that our centralized Federal government has enabled to weaken our country:

  • Control over the media. Remember the power from the Classic Ache and Milgram’s experiments! We willingly submit our intelligence to authority and public opinion.
    • As early as October 2006, TIME magazine identified Obama as the presidential candidate before the election campaigns even started. This preempted his qualification to run as president, despite the fact that there are many questions as to his credentials. (Both his place of birth that qualifies him as eligible and the university he was supposed to have attended draw blanks. Apparently no one that attended Columbia University at the time knew him or of him. Wayne Allen Root was supposedly in his class, as was Stephanopoulos of ABC.) The media never attempted to address these issues. Why?
    • Orchestrated media against any opposition, while not being at all objective about the real issues that we face. These receive little or no objective attention. The Benghazi betrayal, the IRS political attack, Fast and Furious had little or no mention.
    • The true ‘state of the nation’ and how our society has deteriorated is never mentioned. (See MEganize)
    • There is no reporting on international events: the developments in China and Russia, their economic and military alliance, how China is buying into our country, and how they plan to replace the US dollar as the reserve currency.
  • Degrading our sense of Christian values that has resulted in a lost society. Our Federal Government and Supreme Court Justices has:
    • Eliminated Christianity/God from our schools and sports, colleges and law courts, even though we swear allegiance ‘under God’.
    • Decriminalized the crimes that impact personal values – pornography, abortion, pedophiles, rapists, kidnapping. Legalized abortion accounts for over 50 million lives since 1973. Marijuana is legal in some states, but tobacco is still outlawed.
    • Weakened marriage and family values as a base unit in our culture and economy.
    • Allowed open trade with China, who are ardent Mao ideologists. We laud other communist leaders like Mandela, but fail to mention the legacy communism has left in Africa, its testing ground for the grand prize. Look at North Korea.
    • Encouraged a culture of entitlement, using the logic that ‘equality’ means egalitarianism, now including wealth distribution. This is communist idealism!
    • Allowed barbarian philosophies to flourish:
      • Relativism – belief that people’s actions are subject to perception and neither objectively right or wrong.
      • Historicism – that people’s actions should be interpreted in their context and not according to universal principles.
      • Hedonism – a lifestyle that equates pleasure with good
      • Defining deviancy up – describing aberrations as normal, and normalcy as aberrant.
  • Increasing Centralized Control structures with wide reaching powers:
    • National Security Commission and the FSA (aka our KGB) monitor individuals, against our Constitution. Drone attacks on US citizens are now lawful. Look at The TSA, the Patriot Act, CISPA and their ‘security’ implications on us.
    • CCSS (Common Core) indoctrination
    • The Federal Energy Regulation Commission, responsible for blocking our economy and strategic growth
    • Unilateral decisions made by White House without Congress’ permission, indicating authoritarian leadership
    • IRS acting to further the political agenda of suppressing dissidents
    • Various Federal ‘committees’ that have over-riding power:
      • Federal Reserve
      • Environment Conservation
  • Weakening our structure of Law, demotivating law keepers
    • Commission: Shows increasing disdain for our Government Bodies and allows a sense of distrust for the law, thereby dividing the country, creating confusion while ‘he’(they) slips through undermining strategy
    • Commission: Questions the Constitution as our basis for law.
    • Commission: Appointing Supreme Court Justices to facilitate ‘change’, using them as agents of change in ‘policy’
    • Omission: Nothing done over illegal government ‘control’ operations Fast and Furious, surveillance drones over US, IRS, Fox reported James Rosen, NSA breach of individual ‘rights’
    • Commission: Questioning the Constitution as our basis for law. The US Supreme Courts are subject only to Constitutional Law. When judges do not uphold the Constitution, they are open to corruption. US Supreme judges and law professors are showing contempt for our Constitution. This is the game plan: to implement a new communist oriented foundation for Law. Read Robert Bork (the Tempting of America). This risks contempt for the law, and lawlessness. Undermining confidence in the law is part of liberal process of breaking down our country. Some indicators are:
      • Chicago: 2011 – murder rate up 19%. About 100,000 gang members in Chicago. Mexican drug cartels are slowly proliferating the US.
      • School shootings: 2012, 10 shootings, 41 dead, 13 wounded.
      • Racial unrest and destruction of property
  • Weakening our military, their leaders, and specifically our allies while supporting our ‘enemies’
    • Omission: Washington offers Tehran relief from economic sanctions for its nuclear program, in return for ‘slowing down’ its nuclear program
    • Commission: Selling US core strength: Our B61 nuclear weapons to be stored in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany) to be used by German Tornado fighter planes. B61-12 is 90 times more powerful than Hiroshima with a 75 sq mile impact. All this while we are disarming our own nuclear capabilities
    • Commission: Demotivate defense forces. Gut the military of leaders: Gen McKiernan, McCrystal and over 200 high ranking officers. After Benghazi, 3 commanders dismissed: Gen. Ham (African command), Rear Adm. Gaouette (Arabian sea ACC), Maj Gen Baker (Task Force Horn)
    • Commission: Supplying Muslim countries with weapons. Haven’t we made this mistake before? Who is paying?
    • Commission: Fight wars without wanting to win, often to the benefit of our enemy. We have ‘lost’ all wars since Vietnam.
    • Commission: Obama reported either ‘not present or not prepared’ at international conferences. He reportedly has ‘signed out’ and offers no leadership.
    • Commission: Using the ‘structure’ to demoralize our forces through ‘civil’ prosecution of soldiers from a war zone, allowing women to serve on the front line, and a lack of support for veterans and wounded soldiers.
  • Weakening our borders
    • Opening our borders to illegal immigrants, and allowing drug cartels to service the US.
    • Panama Canal – Controlled by the US. Used by USA as a strategic control point in WWII. Clinton gave it back to Panama, and it is now run by China.
    • Abdication of any international position while China is building up control over key trade areas. Will China control world trade, and institute embargos?
    • Granting the Chinese eminent domain as collateral for US debts!! Why would this be done?
  • Weakening our currency
    • Printing US Dollars without a base for value.
    • Uncontrolled spending. We have no formal budgets and do not try balancing them. They show no restraint in spending, even with the weak Republicans now in control.
    • Allowing terrorists to bleed us dry with isolated incidents that threaten USA. Wasting US money on ‘terrorism’ without and end-game plan.
      • $500 Billion on killing Bin Laden
      • Over 1 Trillion on homeland security since 9/11
      • $2 Trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan (20% of national debt 2001-2012) knowing the history that historically this area has never been conquered
      • $2-4 Trillion on US vets
      • $1.2 Billion full body scanner program
      • $1.2 Billion US Air Marshal program (0 lives saved)
  • Weakening our economy
    • Commission: Increase administration, regulation
    • Commission: Impose non-market related tariffs – minimum wages, unions, insurance
    • Commission: Limit immigration of skilled workers, but open gates for unskilled labor
    • Omission: Allowing cyber-crime/terrorism to continue its attacks on our businesses Global Payments Inc, Sony Corp, Stratfor, Citibank, Lockheed, Booz Allen, Google, Boeing, Nasdaq, and EMC to name a few.
    • Omission: Allowing strategic manufacturing to be done offshore.
  • Lowering /weakening our base
    • Omission: Allow uncontrolled (and controlled) immigration of unskilled workers
    • Commission: Disarming US citizens, closing up our only bullet manufacturer.
  • Weakening our education, infiltrating our colleges with radical leaders and ideas
    • Remove core thinking material
    • Remove competition, motivation and discipline
    • Lower standards
    • Introduce indoctrination, non-Christian focus
    • Allow regulations to undermine teachers
  • Creating confusion and division within, finally using or creating civil unrest to make a power grab. This is an old Russian tactic, recently used to move in on Ukraine. (wait for it…) Marshall Law is coming, and all that will bring with it. Who ‘owns’ the US? Whoever owns our debts!

Lost ‘Gates’ to international trade access

  • Cape of Good Hope /Suez Canal – USA instrumental in allowing SA/Egypt to be taken over by communist/Muslim regime, now parts of BRICS/IR.
  • Subic Bay (Philippines) – US military presence has been drastically reduced, leaving China to claim the South China Sea as its own.
  • Panama Canal, built by the US, now controlled by China

Failed Wars (policy=’limited warfare’)

  • Korea. Gen. MacArthur was fired for wanting to win the war. Now we have North Korea as a legacy.
  • Bay of Pigs – Cuba.
  • Vietnam
  • Gulf War – left Hussein in power, betraying the Kurds and the Shiites.
  • Iraq – killing Hussein eliminated the greatest check on Iran and the Islamic Republic, leaving Iran stronger and more aggressive. Nothing has been done to stop them?
  • Afghanistan – a history of failures by invaders, and we still invade. What were we thinking?

Does this summarize our current administration? So much happens under the radar, but it’s the same story. Our Federal government has lacked strategic intelligence and has allowed our country to be weakened through bad leadership. They have failed to govern or protect our country, and failed miserably. China now controls of most of the trade routes and much of the worlds key resources, directly or indirectly. We have not won a war since World War 2, costing our country trillions without any return. Every decision our government makes seems to undermine our country at our expense. Their decision-making process is flawed as is the federal structure.

An ex KGB officer, Anatoliy Golitsyn, who defected to the USA in 1961 explains in his books, ‘New Lies for Old’ and ‘The Perestroika Deception,’ how the fall of communist Russia and the Sino-Soviet split was a charade to deceive the west. Sadly we failed to listen to the individual (who worked in the KGB strategic planning!), but let ‘politics’ decide. Since then it has all been downhill. (See how the KGB infiltrated Britain by doing a wiki search on him and Harold Wilson, who single handedly ‘changed’ England forever – Is this happening to us now?)

Communism, spawned by the ideas of Machiavelli, seems like a generous ‘for the people’ ideology, but it is the ultimate control culture. We forget the Marxist Revolutionaries’ purge led by Stalin that killed 20 million of his own people. We ignore the fact that Putin is now the unofficial czar of Russia. However even Stalin was outdone in communist China by Mao Tse Tung, now the idol of China. Mao’s ‘revolution’ killed over 65 million Chinese in order to promote his ‘new order’ of communist barbarian tyranny. Of course Christianity is banned in these countries, as are personal liberties. Why? Because of the moral truths that it teaches expose this pure evil. It is NOT for the benefit of the people! Obamacare is an example. We are on the verge of irrevocable change. This is not about Democrats or Republicans, blacks or whites, Muslims or Christians. We are all at great risk.

We have been fooled by all the red-herrings thrown at us by the media (the control mechanism), and we have helped build our biggest rivals, economically and culturally. It’s seems obvious when you understand their plan. Now is the time for the Republicans to move, but don’t hold your breath. We have to correct our federal structure that has failed us! The only real solution is explained in ‘MEganize’ and found in our Constitution.

So what can you do? Stand up to protect your American (Christian) values embodied in our Constitution. Our American culture that everyone aspires to is based on Christian principles, the spirit in which our Constitution was written.

Has our government brought about our own downfall? Look at all the confirming evidence! This is no time for blind trust in our ‘leaders’, especially the leopard in our tent!

There are three forces in the world today: Communist and Muslim expansionism, and the West. What do we stand for? Sadly, I’m not too sure. Is it freedom and liberty and a Republic? Or is it unions and entitlement and a central controlling government? You can’t have both.

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