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Peter Jennings Meganize Author

Peter Jennings studied at 3 universities, using different mediums to get his accounting, finance and business qualifications (MBA). Subsequent education and interests include decision-making, facilitation, business finance, corporate culture and why organizations fail.

He has 20 years business management and projects implementation experience, including acquisitions and mergers. He has designed business systems, run projects, and has consulted with a number of companies.

He is widely travelled, and lived in South Africa through the communist revolution. His children’s education is now his focus and practice, where he has worked extensively in applying best practices and principles to their education.

He is committed to breaking our mental barriers of the past to enter into a more student oriented, empowered, skills-focused education where students are taught to learn according to their best style, and to focus on developing their education for life, thus leveraging their capacity to change and grow in knowledge. The principles he applies are applicable in a micro and macro environment, thus proving their validity and success.

Peter Jennings recently published ‘MEganize – Empower your Child with an Education for Life’ that offers the core structure and principles required to optimize the education process.

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