What Is MEganize?

MEganize is a unique learning approach from toddler to around 12.  It is the first stage of education where your child’s core capability is developed while learning basic structures used throughout school. MEganize is the next generation of education process.

The MEganize approach is the result of years of study, published research, and practical application. There are a complex set of variables that are used in the development of the MEganize process. These are outlined in my book. The MEganize Integrated Learning Program has reduced the complexity into a simple working structure that contains these groundbreaking features:

Power Hour

This is a term that developed from Power ½ Hour early on, expanded to an hour as the skills-base grew. The focus of this time is to develop brain functioning in core areas of memory, translation (foreign languages, programming), transposition (music, speed-typing, speed-reading) and process driven problem solving using algorithms. These are all basic functions of intellect, and by continuous, repetitive practice, develop the brain’s functioning to a higher level. It also addresses the benefits of routine, focus, organization, and learning process which are core drivers to productivity. This discipline becomes ingrained over time, and increases their competencies for life while building real skills and learning core foundational facts.

3×3 Focus Areas

The four integral components of our Psyche have been ignored by the education system. These are spiritual, mental, physical and social needs. All these needs must be met in order to provide a balanced foundation for growth. Similarly career and life success requires strong people skills (soft) as well as intellectual skills, but these are not taught at schools thus leaving gaps in the child’s development. This leads to poor performance. The 3×3 Focus is a guide for addressing all of our needs on a balanced skills-oriented basis, with a personalized goal-driven path. 

Overcomes inherent weaknesses

The goal is to optimize our resources, and build learning habits that have proved successful. Cognitive science has proved that we are visual creatures. We can recall images we have seen far better than words we have heard. Our ‘teaching’ yet remains primarily verbal! Ebbinghaus has been proved correct when he showed that our memories are very short-term, and that we forget 90% of what we hear within 24 hours. Today still only a few learning processes acknowledge that repetitive cycles and memory techniques are essential to transfer knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. Poor reading habits and poor learning process will result in poor output, no matter how hard we try. Surely the whole purpose is to overcome weaknesses, both in our structure and ourselves? These best processes are elaborated in the book and the MEganize Program.


The structure for learning is critical, and varies according to individual learning styles. It has been shown that ‘structure’ is responsible for 80% of the individual’s performance. And yet our structures have remained the same, for all. It reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity. We have to challenge our paradigms. This is referred to in the book as part of the 1st Quadrant of the Strategic Learning, Vision, Structure and Culture, which defines the performance for the rest of the cycle.

Ownership and motivation 

This area involves another ignored principle of learning, as these are considered unnecessary in a ‘factory oriented’ culture. ‘Teaching’ is widely recognized as inefficient, to be replaced by coaching. Distance learning, on-line schools and homeschooling are the future of education, primarily because of the increase in productivity as a medium, resulting in better quality at lower costs. This medium empowers the student to take ownership for his learning, and promotes motivation with a better opportunity to find the right structures according to his best learning style and vocational talents. The MEganize Learning Progression is based on renowned Situational Leadership and Project Management models. This serves as a standard process for the progression through the learning or project cycle, of which traditional teaching is only an initial component.

Integration and organization 

MEganize offers an integrated learning approach, using the same tools to meet similar functions. These ‘best rated’ tools can become the productivity and knowledge-base systems for your child for LIFE.  The learning process remains the same as does the platform. This minimizes change and optimizes productivity. The increased level of excellence using these tools continuously will provide a foundation for growth.

It is widely believed that all children enjoy learning, that all need recognition, and all have unique talents.  An individualized skills-oriented program within a ‘best practice’ structure is the way of the future. This is the challenge. Empower your child!

Geared to produce a culture of excellence, productivity and balanced skills, using the MEganize approach will increase real skills levels, personal capabilities, and ownership for learning. Using productivity tools and proven processes, your child will build an effective structure that he can use for the rest of his (her) life.

The complete MEganize Integrated Learning Program costs about the same as a family meal at your fast food outlet, or less than a quarter of a summer Cheerleading activity. It provides the vision, structure and approach for the first 8-10 years of schooling, saving you enormous amounts in wasted focus, books and subscriptions, and more importantly, saving your child. Best processes, tools references and study approaches are included. Most recommended tools are free. All are inexpensive. Unlike the fast food, the benefits of this Program will stay with your child for a lifetime. It’s logical, scientifically proven, and based on best principles and accepted best practice.

Interested in pursuing the MEganize Program?

Download the complete MEganize Integrated Learning Program (PDF’s) for only $25, or buy sections as follows:

  • Overview of personal drivers and MEganize fundamentals. This includes a year by year subject review with best on-line reference sites. $10
  • Power Hour to enhance brain’s capability in key areas, hard-wiring core functions. $9
  • Copy of ‘MEganize – Empower your Child with an Education for Life.’ $5
  • EQ Focus. Understand ‘capability’. Outlines how to increase your child’s ‘soft’ skills or emotional intelligence. $5

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